SEO Friendly Content writing Tips

SEO Friendly Content writing Tips

“Content is King”. Whether you are new in the world of writing SEO optimized articles or have been doing so for while, the truth of that phrase has not changed. Quality content is and always will be one of the safest ways to get your website up the rankings. Why should you be interested in learning how to create an SEO friendly article?

Why important?

Let’s face it-practically anyone out there can come up with an article about whatever niche they fancy and post it online. BUT, not everyone can create an article that builds audience, attracts visitors and in effect increases traffic to a website. This is why creating an SEO friendly article comes in.

An article that is not SEO friendly will not only have little audience but in some cases do more harm than good. Remember that whatever you write that has a link to your site is in effect a reflection of your site. Bad content=bad website.


Real pros in the area can create an article that becomes a hit, gets shared on twitter, Facebook and gains a lot of popularity. Does this mean that writing a high quality yet SEO friendly article complicated? It’s actually easier than you think!

Components of an SEO friendly article

To start with, one should know what a good SEO compatible article is made up of:

1. Relevant, valuable content. It is common for people to go to the opposite extreme in this regard and provide content that has little value but is rich in keywords. This is a huge mistake. Remember that you are NOT writing for the search engines but for people-they are the ones who will recommend your article to friends, share it on social networking sites. With this in mind always keep relevance and value top of your list.

2. Good keyword distribution. This is probably the tricky and techy part of writing such an article. The way to distribute keywords is to make them as natural looking as possible. It is recommended that you list (or refer to a list if you are given one) of keywords that will be relevant to your article and find ways to NATURALLY insert these throughout.

Tips in writing

With these two major components in mind, here are a couple of useful tips when actually writing your content:

-Write a captivating heading. This is where readers will decide whether or not to read your article so make it as catchy as possible. It is also recommended (although not always possible) that you use a major keyword in the beginning of the title. For example something like “Luxury Sports Cars-Cheaper than you Imagined” would capture the interest of the right person (ie. Someone interested in luxury sports cars-your main keyword).

-Write in an interesting tone. Nobody wants to read boring articles that are full of jargon-simplicity is the best policy. Try and provide information in an insightful new tone even if the information is old. You can also try writing about the ‘not so obvious’ aspects that are sometimes overlooked.

-Write original content. This factor cannot be over emphasized. Although it is quite impossible to create something that has never been written, originality simply means you don’t copy and paste anything. It’s OK to get ideas (research) but make sure you express them in your own unique voice.

A good percentage of your success in writing an SEO friendly article lies in recognizing the human factor. Write for people, not search engines, make the article interesting, pay attention to detail, keep it original and you are just about there!

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